Do your safety checklists happen every time? No? Check this out!

Do your safety checklists happen every time? No? SG World USA has the solution..!

Find out why below:

Depending on the specific regulation or policy, and the type of equipment, vehicle or machine, the frequency of inspection varies - often being daily or pre-use...

Whatever you need to inspect, in almost every industry, the biggest challenge is to make sure operators and/or competent persons, perform their safety inspection checklists every time!

SG World USA’s patented safety checklist solution is focused on solving this problem, and we think nothing else comes close! By prompting people to carry out their safety checks, and making it both possible and easy for supervisors to manage the process during their day, you will benefit in many ways...


For most of us this means OSHA, ANSI or industry specific requirements such at MSHA or EM 385. For others it may be requirements of accreditation such as ISO and other outside bodies, or the policies of the organizations we work for. Whatever compliance means to you, making sure these safety checks happen, and making sure there is a record to prove it, is essential.


However your insurance policies are structured, an incident involving vehicles, machinery or equipment often costs you dearly in GL claims alone. If a person(s) is also involved in the incident, we are all also familiar with the financial impact that comes with workers compensation. Making certain your safety checks happen every time helps you minimize the risk of incidents and claims. You’ll also be able to demonstrate your commitment to making sure this important safety process happens through the record keeping and visibility of this solution.

Supervisors Time

Job sites, industrial facilities, warehousing and manufacturing plants are busy places full of busy people. This means supervisors, and safety professionals, often have more work to do than hours in the day! With that said, traditional methods of inspection are hidden and therefore not possible to manage. Often, the knock on effect of this is operators not doing their safety checks every time. The visibility of this patented solution makes it possible and easy for supervisors to see if a valid safety check has been performed, and engages them in having brief safety conversations to either say ‘great job’ or otherwise.

Safety Culture

Many safety professionals are committed to achieving a safety culture. Of course a way to do this is to have every person work safely in everything they do, putting safety first, and looking out for each other too. By driving the safe working behavior of making certain safety checks happen, with the underpinning introduction of accountability, your safety culture will evolve as a result of using this product. It will also streamline the process making it fast and easy to do, with an overall demonstration of your safety commitment through it's visibility and the safe habits that it creates.

If you'd like to find out more about how SG World USA's simple and effective safety checklist solution can help you make certain safety inspections happen every time, reach out to the team:

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