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SG World USA’s Visitor Pass System helps businesses to professionally welcome, identify and ensure the welfare of visitors.
You only get one chance at delivering a professional and courteous welcome to your visitors and SG World USA’s Visitor Pass System helps to ensure that they are safe and have a warm welcome

SG World USA’s best-selling Visitor Pass System speeds up the process of checking in your visitors, engages them with your safety & health rules and records important information about the visitor that is necessary for their visit. The passes look professional and they help to clearly identify your visitor during their stay.

How SG World USA’s Visitor Registration can help your organization...

  • Clearly identifies who is authorized to be on site.
  • Customize with corporate logo, colors, branding and site information.
  • Maintains an accurate fire/emergency register.
  • De-matching - your Visitor Registration system can incorporate your organization’s de-matching requirements, helping to ensure that any required items or weapons are handed in before entering the site.
  • Managing Parking - the Visitor Registration system can help you identify visitors’ cars as authorized as well as keeping a visitors’ parking log.
  • Food Locations - SG World USA offers specialist Visitor Registration systems designed specifically for the food industry with BRC compliance in mind. SG World USA also offers a huge range of accessories to further enhance your Visitor Pass System, including pass holders, lanyards, clips, yo-yos and much more.

Manage your visitors electronically with VisIT, SG World USA’s simple-to-use software solution. VisIT visitor management software is designed to support small and medium enterprize organizations in looking after their visitor management requirements, helping to keep the people safe and your site secure.

SG World USA’s VisIT solution can help your organization by...

  • Manage visitor identification and appointments in a single software solution.
  • Print visitor and contractor badges from pre-made templates.
  • Communicate site rules to all visitors and contractors.
  • Badge scan entry and exit for an accurate list of who is and isn’t on site.
  • Photo ID available.
  • Fully customizable graphics.
  • Emergency evacuation lists at the touch of a button for speedy evacuation roll-calls.

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