Creating a Visual Workplace: Floor Decals

Creating a visual workplace is a strategy that many organizations have implemented to improve communication, increase productivity, and ultimately create a safer working environment.

In the fast-paced environment of a facility, it’s important that employees have access to visual tools that embed the safety messages taught in training. By creating a visual workplace, a company can ensure people have the information they need, when they need it.

Some of the benefits of building a visual workplace include:

Improved Safety

Visual devices help reinforce safety messages taught in training – making it easy for employees to quickly recognize hazards and respond with the correct action. When safety practices are reinforced through visual cues, safe working becomes embedded in employee’s daily behavior – ultimately leading to a stronger safety culture and safer workplace.

More Effective Training 

One of the strongest ways to ensure that employees store information long-term is to pair safety concepts with images, and studies show that visuals have been found to improve learning retention by up to 400 percent. Providing visual communication gives employees the tools to remind them to work safe – while making it easy for them to do.

Improved Productivity

A visual workplace can help to significantly improve productivity. Visual devices — such as the labeling of processes, hazard identification, and directional cues — help employees work smarter and safer by providing them access to information when they need it.


Floor Decals are one of the most seen visual workplace tools today. Floor markings and decals can be used to give people directions on where they need to go, identify safety hazards, inform employees on safety procedures, and much more.

Our range of Floor Decals provide clear, concise messages to help you embed safety messages across your facility – and they’re available in Bilingual and Spanish options so everyone can get involved.