Swing Stage Inspection Checklist Solution Starter Kit (Patent Protected)

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You are ordering a starter kit at $33.33 that includes one book paddle kit to house the inspection book and displays the safety status of the Swing Stage, and one inspection book containing 30 Swing Stage inspections. 
This solution is sometimes attached to the Swing Stage or can be attached to the area where the Swing Stage rests if it's easier for field supervisors to see the safety status at a glance. It ensures the operator does a proper inspection and signs it for compliance and peace of mind. 
  • Make date and time stamped safety status visible to everyone around the Swing Stage.
  • Drive safe behavior in making sure Swing Stage Inspections take place
  • Help the inspector by walking them though what to inspect using the checklist book
  • Ensure accountability and safety ownership with signature capture
  • Keep an instant and auditable record in the carbon copy checklist book
  • Engage supervisors and colleagues by making safety visible and building a safety culture
  • Make maintenance and repair proactive, fast and efficient.
  • Keep the display and the book protected from damage in weather-proof book paddle kit

**This inspection book is customizable, please review the content before ordering**

Additional 'Refill' Swing Stage Inspection Books

If you need to order additional inspection books beyond the starter kit contact us by clicking here. The price-per-book is lower depending on the quantity you order

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