Stump Grinder Inspection Checklist Solution Starter Kit (Patent Protected)

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You are ordering a starter kit at $33.33 that includes the Book Paddle Kit to house the inspection book and display the safety status of the equipment, and one inspection book containing 30 inspections. Replacement inspection books are available. The price-per-book is at the bottom of the description, for help contact us.
  • Reduce insurance risk, especially within captive insurance programs
  • Make date and time stamped safety status visible to everyone on site.
  • Drive safe behavior in making sure skid steer safety check take place
  • Help the auditor by walking them through what to inspect using the checklist book
  • Ensure accountability and safety ownership with signature capture
  • Keep an instant and auditable record in the carbon copy checklist book
  • Engage supervisors and colleagues by making safety visible and building a safety culture
  • Make maintenance and repair proactive, fast and efficient

 How it Works

This video uses an industrial forklift as example. This version of the Inspection solution works in the same way. Check out this 60 second video to see how!


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