Backhoe Inspection Checklist Solution Starter Kit (Patent Protected)

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You are ordering a starter kit at $33.30  that includes one book paddle kit to house the inspection book and displays the safety status of the Backhoe, and one inspection book containing 30 Backhoe inspections.

Make certain equipment inspections happen very day with this patented solution.

The visibility of the solution reminds the operator to carry out an inspection, with the book being right there makes is easy for them. A supervisor can see from a distance whether an inspection has taken place making is possible, and easy, for them to manage the requirement during their busy day.

Displaying the inspectors name on the equipment, as well as a signature capture on the checklist, ensures accountability and ownership of this OSHA/MSHA/ANSI required task.

How it Works

This video uses an industrial forklift as example. The Backhoe Inspection solution works in the same way. Check out this 60 second video to see how!


Additional 'Refill' Front End Loader Inspection Books

If you need to order additional inspection books beyond the starter kit contact us by clicking here. The price-per-book lower per book at higher quantities. This is a made-to-order custom inspection book, also check out our stock, off-the-shelf Heavy Equipment Inspection Checklist Solution.

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