SG World USA does it's utmost to carefully select specialist distribution partners who share in our commitment of Helping you make a difference. There is tremendous value in our patented and unique safety solutions. It is therefore important that our partners who represent them, recognize this value, and make a commitment to understanding why, and how, our products help you make a difference. Any consideration given to an organization who wants to represent SG World USA's safety solutions is also underpinned by our four family values which are:

  - Do the right thing

  - Do it in the right way

  - Be the best you can be

  - Be fresh (creativity)

The primary focus of our safety distribution partners is often our patented safety checklist solutions, as well as the ability to supply you with the other unique safety products found on this website to the commercial sectors. We are pleased to share with you who our distribution partners are, and if they are your existing supplier ask them about the products you have found on this website or contact us for more information.