Book & Badge Contractor ATW Sign-in Starter Kit

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This entry level contractor Authorization-to-Work sign in system helps you get away from a 'home-made' or basic visitor book to deliver something with the following benefits:

- A professional first impression

- A signed declaration from each contractor touching on OSHA requirements, smoking and emergency evacuation.

- Records work type taking place.

- Requires authority-to-work signature to signify contractor has had the appropriate orientation and has been authorized by internal management to be doing the work they are carrying out on the day they are there.

- A list of all contractors currently onsite in a 'quick grab', light folder ready to make sure everyone got out in an emergency.

- A personalized ID badge for each contractor to wear onsite displaying them as authorized to be there.

- Personalized ID badge includes the contractors name, today's date, who they are visiting.

- A record of all visits, including signature for site rules.

- Great for 'contractor hours on-site' reporting.

The Books & Badge Visitor starter kit Includes:

  • 1 - Writing board
  • 300 - Contractor ATW passes
  • 30 - Contractor badge wallets
  • 30 - Nickel clips

Other accessories such as 'visitor' lanyards, hi-vis armband pass wallets, and desktop storage towers for the visitor badge wallets are also available.

This video explains how it works:

Customized and premium quality versions of this product's accessories are available. Reach out to for more information.

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