Grapple Truck Inspection Checklist Solution Starter Kit

Each Starter Kit comes with one Book Paddle and the number of selected Inspection Books.

Starter Kit size: 1 Book Kit
Sale price$30.05


Auditing Grapple Truck inspections can be time consuming and not always at the forefront of a busy supervisor’s mind. This can lead to a lack of accountability and operators' engagement in your safety program. 

SG World USA’s patented Grapple Truck Inspection Checklist Solution makes it easy for supervisors to see at a glance if OHSA required safety inspections have taken place. It holds operators accountable for completing their inspections and sets you up to celebrate safety success. Thousands of organizations use this solution to help make sure inspections happen every time, in a way that: 

If you’d like to learn more about the difference it’ll make for you click here for general industry and here for construction.

Check out the other tabs for how it works, the OSHA requirement and product specifications. If you have any questions, contact us or book a meeting here.

This simple solution makes it easy for operators to complete their pre-shift inspections and allows supervisors to see when inspections have been done. Download the Installation Guide & User Manual or check out this 90 second video to see how it works:

The Inspection Checklist Solution Starter kit includes:

  • Grapple Truck Inspection Book(s)

  • Adhesive Wallet to display safety status

Each Starter Kit includes one Book Paddle Kit and the selected number of inspection books. Each inspection book contains 30 inspections. Each inspection slip comes with the green (passed) and red (failed) safety status on the reverse of the slip – which are name, date, and time stamped.

Grapple Truck Inspection Slip


Product Sheet

Installation Guide and User Manual

Grapple Truck Inspection Slip

The Grapple Truck Inspection Checklist Solution provides a significant upgrade to your Grapple truck check sheet, Grapple truck checklist, Grapple truck daily checklist, Grapple truck inspection checklist, Grapple truck inspection sheet, Grapple truck maintenance checklist, Grapple truck pre start checklist, Grapple truck safety checklist, OSHA Grapple truck inspection form, and checklist caddy.

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