Lull Forklift Inspection Checklist Solution Starter Kit (Patent Protected)

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You are ordering a starter kit at $18.95 that includes the Book Paddle Kit to be attached to the forklift and one inspection book containing 30 inspections. Replacement inspection books are available. The price-per-book is at the bottom of the description, for help contact us.

Referred to as a Lull, Telehander, Forklift, Construction Forklift and sometimes Rough Terrain Forklift, this piece of equipment must be inspected every day and making certain that happens is a challenge for those in leadership roles.

This patented solution addresses the challenge of making certain forklift checks happen while building your safety culture.

- Visibility engages the operator in doing the safety check.

- Makes it possible and easy for supervisors to see if the check has been done.

- Operators name on the display, as well as their signature on the checklist, ensures accountability.

- All-in-one solution makes it quick and easy.

- Puts operators into a safety first mindset.

- Keeps a record to prove compliance ant that the inspection happened.

- Makes maintenance pro-active, fast and easier.

- Creates an environment for operators to look our for each other.

How it Works

This video uses an industrial forklift as example. The Telehanlder/Lull Inspection solution works in the same way. Check out this 60 second video to see how!


Telehandler/Lull Inspection Books Pricing
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