Sanitation Checklist Solution Starter Kit (Patent Protected)

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This patented solution is a great way to help those responsible for performing sanitation and make certain they cover all the ares you require to be sanitized. It will also display in the book paddle kit that the area has been sanitized, when, and who by, in addition to keeping a carbon copy record of the checklist in the book.

Why not install the book paddle kit in each section of your site that requires sanitation, making it easy to see sanitation has taken place as people  walk around your site and offers and simple, easy and compact solution for those using the checklist. Alternatively, you can just use the book alone.

This product is fully customizable, from the branding of the cover to the specific items on the checklist.

You are ordering a starter kit that includes one book paddle kit and one book consisting 30 inspections at $33.30. If you would like to order a higher volume of books, or want to customize the content of the cover free-or-charge, please contact us or an SG World USA distribution partner. Higher volumes are sold at lower prices.

This is an indoor or outdoor solution. We can also customize any of our patented safety inspection checklist solutions to incorporate sanitation.

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