School Bus Inspection Checklist Solution Starter Kit (Patent Protected)

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You are ordering one adhesive pouch for the windshield (that displays the safety status of the vehicle) and one School Bus Inspection Book containing 30 inspections.

Making certain the School Bus is inspected by the operator each shift isn’t just best practice, it’s mandatory. This patented solution addresses the challenge of making certain School Bus checks happen while building your safety culture.
  • Visibility engages the operator in doing the safety check.
  • Makes it possible and easy for supervisors to see if the check has been done.
  • Operators name on the display, as well as their signature on the checklist, ensures accountability.
  • All-in-one solution makes it quick and easy.
  • Puts operators into a safety first mindset.
  • Keeps a record to prove compliance ant that the inspection happened.
  • Makes maintenance pro-active, fast and easier.
  • Creates an environment for people to look our for each other.
 How it Works
This video uses an industrial forklift as example. The School Bus Inspection solution works in the same way but with the adhesive pouch, not the paddle the houses the book. Check out this 60 second video to see how!


If you need to order additional inspection books beyond the starter kit contact us by clicking here. Higher volume of books come at a lower cost-per-book.

Also reach out to customize your School Bus inspection.

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