Near Miss Reporting Book

Title: With Carbon Copy
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To prevent accidents and incidents occurring, it is important that all near misses are reported. The Near Miss Reporting Book makes it easy to record the details of a near miss to be reported - so that steps can be taken to ensure the prevention of accidents and injury.

  • The near miss is recorded in the Near Miss Reporting Book, which should be kept on-hand at regular points across the site.
  • An accurate audit trail can be maintained, helping to identify areas for safety and health improvement.
  • Records recommended actions to be made to make the area safer.

SG World USA’s Near Miss Reporting Book can support your organization by:

  • Offering an effective and thorough, yet very simple and quick way of reporting near misses.
  • Helping you analyze the details of the near miss, so that it can be prevented from becoming an accident.
  • Fully customizable to suit your organization’s exact individual requirements reach out to for more.

Books without a carbon copy contain 60 near miss reports, those with a carbon copy contain 30 safety engagements. Here's a video showing you how the product works without the carbon copies:

The minimum order is 5 Near Miss Report Books at $13.50 per book. Lower unit pricing is available for higher quantities, reach out to for more.

****Please note that the print on the inside of the front cover, and the slips is going to be in black****

Image is representative of final product. 


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