Loto is the brilliantly simple way to lock out and tag out your equipment, ensuring that its power supply is fully isolated, locked out and that all staff are aware of its status prior to maintenance, repair work and inspection. SG World USA’s solution offers unique visibility of isolation activities, drives safe working behavior and keeps a record of all Loto occurences.

Works With Your Equipment
The durable, highly visible components of Loto ensure that equipment is isolated to its own individual requirements, using a proven, tried and trusted process.

Safe Isolation & Lockout
Loto helps ensure that the isolation of equipment follows a thorough, in-depth system of checks, in a way that is simple-to-use and effective. It ensures that only authorized personnel are able to conduct an isolation and lockout, keeping an auditable record of all relevant details effectively and clearly. Individuals working on equipment during lockout and isolation are protected by a thorough, efficient and fully authorized process.


Keeps People Safe
Loto includes a durable, substantial means of clearly highlighting that a piece of equipment has been locked out, which remains steadfast on the machinery. Multiple people can work on one locked out piece of equipment without compromising any other individual’s safety, thanks to Loto being carefully created with lone workers and multi-users in mind.

Effective Planning & Management
Loto thoroughly records each instance of a piece of equipment being isolated and locked out. The system can help plan future lockouts, keeping an auditable record of all relevant details in one central location.

Isolation Certificate



  1. The highly visible Safety Status Indicators alerts workers of a piece of machinery being locked out, helping prevent accident or injury.
  2. The simple, yet thorough, Isolation Certificate ensures that all relevant safety checks and precautions have been taken prior to the work being carried out.
  3. A range of locks and hasps are available, in a range of materials, meaning that there is one to fit any situation.

SG World USA’s Loto system can help you and your organization by...

  • Works with any item of equipment.
  • Made from durable, substantial materials.
  • Helps ensure that the isolation of equipment follows a thorough, simple, in-depth system of checks.
  • All information is effectively and clearly recorded, keeping an auditable record of all relevant details.
  • Multiple people and lone workers can work on one locked-out piece of equipment.
  • The system can help plan future lockouts, thanks to its thorough recording of details of the lock out.
  • Helps comply with Safety & Health standards.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to safety & health, both internally and to external inspectors or auditors.