Guardrail (Edge Protection) Inspection Checklist Solution Starter Kit (Patent Protected)

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You are ordering a Guardrail Inspection Checklist Book and a Book Paddle Kit at $33.30. 
Note the more books you order the lower the cost per book becomes. If you'd like to order more books please contact us by clicking here. 
Making certain Guardrails on a job site are safe and inspected every day is a challenge. It of course is an essential safety measure in the prevention of falls, and is required by OSHA too. Who takes ownership and responsibility for the safety of guardrails each day is sometimes a challenge, as well as communicating the safety status of the guardrail on each floor. It is of equal importance to keep a record to prove compliance. This simple, and patented solution overcomes these challenges and many more:
  • Meet OSHA standards
  • Make date and time stamped safety status visible
  • Drive safe behavior in making sure harness inspections take place
  • Help the inspector by walking them though what to inspect using the checklist book
  • Ensure accountability and safety ownership with signature capture
  • Keep an instant and auditable record in the carbon copy checklist book
  • Engage supervisors and colleagues by making safety visible and building a safety culture
  • Make maintenance and repair proactive, fast and efficient.

In the case of Guardrail, most contractors will mount the yellow Book Paddle Kit, displaying today's safety status of the Guardrail, immediately as you enter each floor where the guardrail is being used.

The inspection books can be customized and cost as little as $0.10 per inspection.

This video shows how the system works using a forklift truck as an example. For Guardrail the principle is the same except the weather proof paddle is mounted at the entrance of each floor not on a forklift:

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