How Barton Malow is Building Safety Culture

We hit the road to visit our friends at Barton Malow Builders and see how they and their subcontractors have adopted our patented Inspection Checklist Solution. Safety Manager Kelton Oberle walked us through the site and shared with us how they’re building an industry-leading safety culture. Here’s what he had to say:


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Making sure inspections happen every time lies in making them simple and easy to do. Kelton shared a story with us about how they implemented our inspections by placing them on their equipment one day without telling employees. The next day, employees had done the inspections without being told to.



Kelton had a lot to share about how the visibility of this solution has helped them build accountability with operators and create an environment where employees choose to work safely rather than being told to.



 By using the Inspection Checklist Solution as a tool to recognize safe behavior and foster engagement, they’ve been able to get everyone involved. Check out what they had to say on LinkedIn or click here to watch the full case study.



Barton Malow is one of our many customers who are committed to putting safety in everything they do while providing a quality product to their clients. Click here to learn more and join the community of companies who are making the change to a stronger safety culture.