One Inspection For All of Your Mobile Equipment

Managing Inspections on a jobsite with various and often-changing equipment can be challenging. Making sure operators are getting them done, being able to see if they happened, and the uncertainty around the requirements can be time-consuming and lead to a lack of accountability for inspections.

Making sure mobile equipment inspections happen every time lies in making them easy to do – and what’s easier than having one inspection that’s highly visible and covers all your equipment with wheels and tracks?



The Mobile Equipment Inspection Checklist Solution is a versatile inspection checklist that can be used on all mobile equipment including heavy equipment, forklifts, scissor lift/MEWP, and more. It helps you make sure that all of your equipment is safe and ready to use – while building safety culture, reducing risk, and increasing productivity. Here are some of the benefits that our customers love!

Ensures that All of Your Mobile Equipment Is Inspected and Safe to Use

What we hear most about our Mobile equipment Inspections is that the versatility allows for the peace of mind that any mobile equipment on the jobsite will be safe and ready to use.

For example, you receive a change order and need to rent a piece of equipment for a short period of time – that equipment would normally come uninspected. You might not think it needs to be inspected considering it’s only temporarily – but we know that accidents often happen when we least expect them to.

By having mobile equipment inspections available, you know that your equipment will be inspected and safe to use – whether it’s for a few weeks or for the entirety of the project.

The mobile equipment inspection helps standardize the way equipment is being inspected on the jobsite – and allows you to cover equipment that you normally wouldn’t purchase inspections for – such as ATV’s and Carts. Click here to learn more about Construction Inspection Checklists.

 Helps Prove OSHA 1926.601 Compliance

Vehicle and equipment inspections are a requirement and overlooking them can come at a cost. As we know, the overlying standard for construction is the OSHA 1926. Within this we have the 1926.601 standard, which covers the use of Motor Vehicles, Mechanized Equipment, and Marine Operations.

1926.601(b)(14) tells us that: “All vehicles in use shall be checked at the beginning of each shift to assure that the parts, equipment, and accessories are in safe operating condition and free of apparent damage that could cause failure while in use.”

Our Mobile Equipment Checklists come with carbon copies that remain in the book – allowing you to easily keep a record of your inspections and prove compliance.

Builds Accountability & Ownership

Having an inspection of your equipment is one thing – but getting operators to do those inspections and being able to see if they’ve been done is another. The high visibility of the mobile equipment inspection checklist means that it’s the first thing operators see when they jump on their equipment – reminding them that it needs to get done.

The checklist easily guides them through their inspection, and captures their name, date, and time - building a level of accountability that wasn’t there before and creating an environment where employees choose to work safely instead of being told to.


Click here to learn more about how the Mobile Equipment Inspection checklist can help you build safety culture on your jobsite!

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