The OSHA Standards for Ladder Inspections

The OSHA Standards for Ladder Inspections


If you are unsure of the best approach for inspecting your ladders, and the underpinning OSHA regulations, don't worry, you're not alone! Here's a quick guide on what’s required and how to meet the standard.

What OSHA Says

The OSHA requirement for ladder inspections actually depends on whether you are in Construction or General Industry. Here's what they say:

What strikes us is the specificity of the General Industry standard, it requires an inspection 'before initial use' inspection, vs the 'periodic' requirement in Construction. 

OSHA Standard Interpretation

It's not for us to interpret the standard, we simply provide the tools to deliver your internal policy. With that said, in construction in particular we see our customers take different approaches to meeting the 'periodic' requirement for ladder inspection...

For example, some organization's require an inspection by the above mentioned competent person to take place every week, whilst others require it daily. Sometimes a contractor's approach will vary from one job to the next. For example, their internal policy may be a weekly inspection except when an owner, or GC, requires it to happen more frequently -perhaps daily. 

Of course some contractors have a 'ladders last' policy and discourage the use of them. However, ladders are almost always used on those jobs too where they are needed...

How to Make the Inspections Happen 

Whatever your policy what does seem consistent is making sure it is met..

  • Do you struggle to make sure Ladder Inspections happen every time?
  • When your audited can you prove they took place?

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