Changing the Way You See Inspections

At SG World USA, we are committed to helping you make a difference by promoting a safety culture that transforms and embeds lasting change in your workplace. Explore our 6 keys to achieve forklift pre-shift inspections below.

6 Keys to Achieve Forklift Pre-Shift Inspections

Staying OSHA Compliant

Building Safety Culture

Reduces Insurance Risk

Increases Productivity

Supervisor Engagement

Making Sure Inspections Happen

Make Sure Inspections
Happen Every Time

SG World USA’s patented Inspection Checklist Solution makes it easy for supervisors to see at a glance if safety inspections have taken place- and holds operators accountable for completing their inspections. Thousands of organizations trust this solution to help make sure inspections happen every time, in a way that:

What Our Customers Say...

"SG World's Equipment Lifting Inspection systems have made significant improvements to the productivity and safety of our people."


"This (inspection booklet) is a great reminder. We have an oppurtunity to walk through the facility and when we see it. That green sign. We know that it's been done."

UniFirst  Trainer - Francesca

"No other product that we have has brought a solution to our customers like SG World's inspection checklist solutions. Simply the ability to go in there with this product and be able to change a culture. Its one of the hardest things you can possibly do when you're in the world of safety."

Safety Products Inc.  -  Mike K.


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30 Inspections Per Book.

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