This patented safety checklist solution is designed to save you time...

Its visibility makes it very easy for Foremen to see if an inspection has taken place therefore making operators accountable. Making sure inspections happen every day reduces insurance risk and increases compliance. Our solution builds your safety culture by prompting operators to do their inspections every day and making it easy for Foreman to say 'great job' when walking by a green 'passed' inspection.

To get set up, check out the starter kits below. If you are ordering additional books or display paddles, check out the refills. Also feel free to contact us for help.

Want to Customize or Have us Create Specific Solutions for Your Business?

The safety documentation available for order is customizable with your content and brand. If you have existing documentation that you would like to be in a more effective and efficient format, we will help you with that too. For more information, and to get started with your customized version of our solutions contact us.