School Authorized Absence Pass & Register Starter Kit

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How The Authorized Absence System Helps Your School?

You are ordering a kit that includes 500 Authorized Absence passes with the registers and data protecting discreet sheet. The starter kit includes the picture writing board.

A simple and effective system for recording students who are authorized to be absent from school during the day that issues them with an Authorized Absence Pass.

The Authorized Absence system enables a school to record all students who are temporarily absent from school during the day. Each student leaving the school is issued with an absence pass, proving that they have permission to be out of school. The absence register provides a complete list of all students who are/have been absent, including the reasons why.

As each student needs to leave the premises, they turn in any documentation proving their reasons for needing to leave e.g. medical appointment card. The student's details, reason for their temporary absence and an authorizing signature are recorded on the absence pass as well as an expected return time.

At the same time as completing this pass, the absence register is automatically updated. This ensures that the school office has an up-to-date register of all pupils who are temporarily absent which is especially useful during emergency evacuations.

**Note the image is in UK English. The wording on the pass with be in American English and can include a single color school logo. It will include your school, name address and contact details for this price. The product is fully customizable contact us to get started with your school's custom version.

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