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***If you are working on a custom JHA book with us, we will have sent you this link to enable you to place your order***

The next step is your SG World USA representative will capture your design requirements and have our team produce a proof. That proof will be emailed to you for approval. Once approved we will the go ahead and manufacture your custom version of this product.


Minimum Order is 25 Books 


The dimensions are approx. 9'' x 4 1/8''.

How it works

The Job Hazard Analysis Book helps prevent accidents and near misses by giving users a clear, concise and methodical way of analyzing safety and health risks on site. The slips within the book contain a combination of ‘check’ and ‘comment-style’ questions, allowing the worker/crew completing the analysis a thorough and efficient, yet simple and quick, way of identifying any safety and risks associated with their task.

When a hazard is identified, control measures are agreed, and then be put in place before the person or crew all sign off. The carbon copy then stays with the issuer with the top copy staying with the worker/crew.

SG World USA’s Job Hazard Analysis Book can support your organization by:

  • Offering a clear, methodical and thorough means of analyzing risks to safety and health.
  • Offering a quick and simple solution to analyzing task related hazards.
  • Duplicate sheets of the slips allow efficient record keeping.
  • Fully customizable to suit your organization’s exact individual requirements. Reach out to to customize or click here.

Reach out to or click here for more.

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