Superior Mark® Floor Marking Kit, AED Kit , Vinyl

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Our First Aid Kit Floor Marking Border Kits are the best way to clearly mark where first aid kit equipment is located.

Your workers will feel more comfortable and safer with this highly visible first aid kit floor marking border kit. Made from our top-grade Superior Mark® or vinyl floor marking tape, this pre-cut 3-sided border first aid sign is the perfect marker to show the location of first aid kits in your facility. This durable, long-lasting floor tape kit will also help you comply with OSHA regulations for maintaining workplace safety.

If you're looking for Lean or 5S solutions for your work area, these floor markers kits are easy to apply and offer the visual cues you've been looking for. Lean organization methods and 5S implementation are proven methods to help get your facility more efficient, productive and safer.

Pre-cut Floor Marking tape kits include:

  • (2) 36" strips
  • (1) 24" center strip
  • (1) First Aid floor sign
  • Puzzle cut edges that seamlessly fit together to form a box shape on the floor.

Pre-cut boxes are made with either Superior Mark® brand floor marking tape, which features beveled edges and recessed adhesive for maximum durability, or vinyl.

Pre-cut floor marking boxes are available in any size, and floor signs can be custom printed any size, shape, or design.

Installation Recommendations: This floor marking tape can be installed in just a few minutes by simply:

  1. Cleaning the floor with alcohol. Let the alcohol based cleaner dry completely, then mark a guide to ensure proper alignment.
  2. Peel and stick down middle section of the box.
  3. Align puzzle cut edges and stick down one side of the box.
  4. Align the third strip to complete the box.
  5. Peel and stick down floor sign.

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