Forklift Truck Inspection Books

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You are ordering SG World USA Forklift Truck Inspection Books (FT-KITPUS). 

This is for existing, direct customer of SG World USA. If you buy our products through one of our distribution partners, please contact them for your re-order of books.

If you do not yet use SG World USA's Forklift Truck inspection books, please note you will need a paddle to work with the books. You can order a starter kit here.

If you have any questions, or if you'd like to customize our solutions please contact us Toll Free on (844) 372 0710.

SG World USA's patented safety checklist solution is focused on making sure those OSHA required inspections happen before every shift in a way that builds culture, reduces risk and enhances productivity. The visibility and compact nature of this solution makes it easy for supervisors to see if an inspection has happened and creates personal accountability with operators. This ensures your OSHA required Forklift Truck inspections actually happen, every shift.

This item is a refill book for SG World USA's patented safety checklist solution. There are 30 inspections per book plus the carbon copies to prove the inspection took place. Of course, it includes those name, date and time stamped, green (passed inspection) and red (failed inspection) indicators too.

Reminder: If you don't already have the visible, yellow Book Paddle Kit on each forklift, be sure to order a starter kit first. Working harmoniously with the inspection book, the Book Paddle Kit displays the green/red inspection status of each Forklift Truck. It shows everyone nearby if the inspection has, or hasn't taken place today, also displaying the inspectors name and date/time of inspection. It also houses the carbon copy inspection book in a weather resistant wallet. 

“What better measure of safety success is there than SG World USA’s unique and unparalleled inspections product” Travis Gregg. The Miller Electric Company.

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