Kindergarten Visitor Pass Starter & Refill Kits

Title: Starter Kit
Sale price$112.50


How can the Kindergarten Visitor Pass Starter & Refill Kits Help You?

The Kindergarten Visitor Pass Starter Kit is everything you need to safeguard your kindergarten.

 The visitor pass solution helps you:

  • Create a great first impression
  • Cover liabilities with each visitor signing a declaration 
  • Ensure all visitors are wearing an ID displaying their name and today's date
  • Have a roll call evacuation list on hand at all times
  • Protect visitors personal data

Each Kindergarten Visitor Pass Starter Kit contains:

Each Kindergarten Visitor Pass Refill Kit contains:

  •  250 visitor ID passes which incorporate important health and safety information and an emergency evacuation register with data privacy sheet.

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