Pledge to Make a Difference Hard Hat Sticker

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In the bustling world of workplace safety, there's something beautiful about the simplicity of a small emblem that carries a powerful message of hope, unity, and personal commitment.

Our Breast Cancer Awareness Hard Hat Sticker, is a symbol of solidarity with the fighters, the survivors, and the warriors battling breast cancer.

For every $100 spent, SG World USA will donate $5 to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. 

Strength in Pink Unity:

By placing this sticker on your hard hat, you're not just making a statement; you're joining a movement. It's a symbol of unity, a beacon of support for those affected by breast cancer, and a pledge to make a difference.

"Pledge to Make a Difference" - Your Personal Commitment:

With the words "I Pledged" emblazoned on this sticker, it becomes your daily reminder of a promise—a promise to yourself, your loved ones, and your colleagues. A promise to raise awareness and advocate for early detection, which can save lives.

Accountability and Engagement:

But this sticker is more than just a symbol; it's a call to action. It encourages conversations about health, early detection, and the impact we can make together. It fosters engagement, uniting your workplace in a common cause.

Minimum Order Quantity: 250


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