School Incident Reporting Pocket Book

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How The School Incident Reporting System Helps Your School?

The check book sized (approx size) School Incident Reporting Pocket book allows a school to easily create a record of all incidents  throughout the school day. It's also an important and effective tool in accurately communicating with parents/guardians.

How To Use

  • When an incident occurs, the staff member is guided through a simple process. It makes it easy to record the required information associated with the incident an well as the necessary information to be passed onto the parent/guardian.
  • The top copy is removed from the book and becomes an accurate and easy to understand communication for the parent/guardian.
  • The second copy remains in the book for school record keeping.
  • There are 30 incident reports, plus carbon copies, in each book.
The book is also customizable, contact us for to get a custom order started.

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