Daily Equipment Inspection Product Used in Waste and Recycling

SG World USA has seen a number of waste and recycling organizations implement our pre-use safety inspection solution. The main versions used are for Heavy Equipment as well as Forklifts and Vehicles too. Waste and recycling of course a dangerous business area sector where employees work with heavy, industrial machinery. This equipment is very specialized, and although SG World USA can supply a customized inspection book and be specific to equipment types such as a grapple, most customers are happy with the for Heavy Equipment and Forklift versions for the mobile equipment used at the yard.  

SG World’s patented solution means the operator fills in the pre-use safety inspection information once and a duplicate copy is automatically created. That’s one copy to stay with the equipment and one which stays in the check book format pad as a central record. The checklist incorporates a distinct green or red pass/fail notice which displays in a hi-vis yellow plastic wallet so you can see at a glance whether the equipment is safe to use. All of the inspection range can be customized with a company logo or branding and even amended for specific equipment and processes.

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