Scissor Lift Safety Inspection Checklists - The Why

Scissor Lift Safety Inspection Checklists - The Why

If you didn't see SG World USA's recent piece on Scissor Lift Safety, and you run Scissor Lifts, check out what our customers tell us are the four cornerstones that underpin their desire to make sure Scissor Lift safety checks happen, and a feel for why they use America's best safety checklist solution by SG World USA...


No doubt, the day will come, where you'll have to prove OSHA compliance! SG World USA's checklist solution keeps an instant, signed record giving you and your organization peace of mind!


'Failure to maintain' was a contributing factor in 7 of the 10 most expensive ARA Insurance claims settled in ten years. Multiple factors contributed to the accidents, but negligent maintenance warranted high dollar settlements. Cases have run into 6, and even 7 figures!

source: 2003 - 2013 period.

People: Safety Culture

Safety is about people right? Making it easy for supervisors or superintendents to see if an up-to-date inspection has been done is key. For the user, do they remember everything they must check to ensure the scissor lift is safe? 

SG World USA's patented solution guides the operator through everything that must be checked as they work through the checklist. It also stands alone in helping make sure the safety check happens.


Do you have enough hours in the day....?

Do your managers have time to look and see if the safety check has been done that day? Particularly if you have more than one piece of equipment? The visibility of SG World USA's solution solves all these problems and saves you and your team much needed time!

These are a few problems suffered by safety professionals across America without any real solution... until now...!

...Now you can make it easy, make it visible, and solve a problem for you and your managers with SG World USA's patented scissor lift safety checklist solution.

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