SG World USA April 2022 Price Increase and Review Background & Context

SG World reviews it's pricing all the time, and these reviews rarely result in a price increase. In fact, our most recent price increase was 8 years ago in 2014.

So why now?

Well, it won't come as a surprise to most that the rise in costs of just about everything over the past c.2 years affects SG World USA too. As a result, we have had to follow suit, albeit much later than most manufacturers, and implement a modest price increase. With that said, based on feedback from our customers and distributors, we have taken the opportunity to perform a wider review of our pricing approach. Some examples of the other things we have improved (using the inspections checklist solution as an example) are below:

  • We've simplified the number of price price breaks for some products. For example the inspection books now have 12 price breaks and not 25.
  • We changed some quantity breaks to better reflect the multiples people prefer to order, for example the 80 inspection books price break is now 75. This actually means a price reduction, as using this same example, we retained the 80 inspection book unit price but only require an order of 75 books.
  • We revised the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for custom books to make it easier to ‘trial’ the solution with a custom book.
  • The % price increase on the lower custom inspection book quantities is lower for the above reason too.
  • We wanted to keep the ‘one stock inspection book and one paddle’ sell price to around $20 which has been achieved – great for emergency equipment like AED and Eyewash Inspections
  • The higher quantity of the inspection books is still only $0.11 or $0.12 per inspection.

So What's Next?

Next time you place an order, if it's after April 1st 2022, you'll pay our new prices. Whether that's through an SG World USA distributor or if you're a direct customer. While the final touches of the entire product range is being prepared, you can take an early look and download the new inspection checklist solution pricing here.

In a more general sense, we will continue to proactively protect our pricing to ensure the cost of our solutions remain pleasingly low in comparison to the difference they make.

If you have any questions, or to learn more contact us here.