6 Ways SG World USA Helps You Meet the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

6 Ways SG World Help You Meet the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

SG World has a whole range of practical solutions to help keep your food manufacturing facility safe and productive. Here's just some of the ways we help companies meet the highest safety standards as recommended in the British Retail Consortium Global Standards. 

Section 4: Site Standards, Security 4.2.2

A visitor reporting system shall be in place. Staff shall be encouraged to report unidentified or unknown visitors.

SG World’s visitor management solutions help you welcome, identify and record visitors on your site. Each visitor is allocated a dated, unique ID pass to wear for the duration of their visit making it easier to spot unauthorized personnel.

Section 4: Site Standards, Layout, Product Flow and Segregation 4.2.2

Contractors and visitors including drivers, shall be made aware of all procedures for access to premises and the requirements of the area they are visiting, with special reference to hazards and potential product contamination.

SG World offers a customization service for its paper and software based solutions. This can be used to communicate important site safety information and capture a signed agreement to abide by site rules.

Section 4: Site Standards - Layout, Product Flow and Segregation 4.2.2

Contractors working in product processing or storage areas shall be the responsibility of a nominated person

SG World offer a range of Work Permits including Hot Work, Confined Spaces and Working at Height designed to manage contractors on site by running through a safety checklist with a nominated person before commencing work on site. If you don't need a work permit, check out this Job Hazard Analysis Book.


Section 4 Site Standards - Building Fabric, Raw Material Handling, Preparation, Processing, Packing and Storage Areas 4.4.9
  • Doors shall be maintained in good condition
  • External doors and dock levellers shall be close fitting or adequately proofed

SG World offer a whole range of pre-use inspection checklists including one specifically for Dock Levellers including checks on weather seals, bumpers and hydraulics.

Section 4 Site Standards – Maintenance 4,7.1

There should be a documented planned maintenance schedule or condition monitoring system which includes all plant and processing equipment.

SG World has a range of pre-use inspection checklists that create a dated record of when a check took place, what checks were made and by whom. Areas failing their safety check are clearly identified by a hi-vis status indicator.

Section 4 Site Standards – Foreign-Body Detection and Removal Equipment

Metal detection equipment shall be in place.

As part of its visitor management range SG World offers a large variety of pass wallets, holders, clips and lanyards, we stock a wide range of metal based fixings to support food production foreign-body control processes.

Food Screen Med Questions

Section 7 Personnel Medical Screening 7.3.2

Visitors and contractors shall be made aware of the types of symptoms, infection, disease or condition which would prevent a person visiting areas with open food. Where permitted by law Visitors should be required to complete a health questionnaire or otherwise confirm that they are not suffering from any symptoms which may put product safety at risk.

SG World’s customization service let’s you incorporate a questionnaire format symptom checker into your visitor sign in process prior to entering the site.