SG World USA Inspection Checklist Paddles in Cold Environments

SG World USA has designed hundreds of safety checklists for all sorts of different industries and equipment. Our inspection solutions are used in factories, construction sites and warehouses all over the world and been subjected to a wide range of weather conditions. They need to withstand the wind, the rain, the sun and, freezing temperatures.



When it comes to freezing temperatures, either out in the field, or in chilled and frozen warehouse environments, the ‘Book Paddle Kit’ piece of our inspection checklist solution is put to the test! The Book Paddle Kit is the high-vis, plastic paddle displaying the safety status of the checked equipment. Using it means everyone can instantly see if a piece of equipment passed or failed inspection before use. In cold environments, normally, plastic would become brittle and snap if regularly exposed to temperatures below freezing. Consequently, we have experimented with different material blends including a high anti-freeze additive which helps the paddles maintain their strength and flexibility. Operators using gloves have also seen some benefits to this as the paddle needs the flexibility to withstand a bit of rough handling.

Richard Nichols, SG World Global Sales and Marketing Director gives an example from the USA:



“Our inspection product needs to be suitable for regular exposure to sub-zero conditions in the US northern states. However, if we look at southern states like Florida for example, our safety status indicator paddles are also designed to deal with rapid temperature fluctuations. It all adds up to a practical, robust safety checklist solution that's easy to use and easy to monitor being used."




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