Why Construction Loves SG World USA's Safety Checklist Solution

The reality is the answer is different for every customer. Although safety professionals in construction share many of the same challenges, their priorities are often different...

With this in mind, here is a generic summary of the main points I hear from our customers when deciding to implement SG World USA's patented safety checklists on their job sites.

They Don't Have Time

SG World USA understands that your safety team, and community of superintendents, have far more to do than hours in the day. Therefore, using a 'hidden' piece of paper, or app, means daily equipment safety checks remain a problem to solve….

Safety is About People

Engaging operators in doing safety checks, making it visible and demonstrating your commitment to keeping people safe is just a few reasons the visible nature of this solution hits home.

It prompts proactive safety conversations between superintendents and operators and indeed between operators themselves. This, plus many more features of SG World USA’s unique safety checklist solution helps advance safety culture and deliver real efficiency. This alone we are told is a previously unsolvable problem solved!

Compliance & Insurance

Our customers also enjoy the benefits of ensuring compliance with various bodies including OSHA. They tell us it prevents incidents and accidents, as well as GL and Workers Comp claims.

It seems the safety community in construction is excited and everyday we learn more about the difference our safety checklist solution makes in job site safety. If you're in construction and have more to do than hours in the day, e-mail office@sgworldusa.com and we'll finally solve your problems in daily equipment safety checks!

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