Why You Need to Inspect Overhead and Gantry Cranes and How Often

Crane & Hoist inspections

Of course regulations are to be interpret by each organization, and in this case, the person in charge of crane safety. With that said we provide the tools to make regular inspections simple, and here's what our customers about those frequent safety checks...

We find that Crane & Hoist Inspection checks are done pre-shift just like a forklift inspection. The full OSHA regulation is here. It talks about inspections, preventive maintenance and testing in different sub sections.

Within the regulation it says there are two type of inspection. They are ‘periodic’ and ‘frequent’. The SG World USA solution is for the operator to preform the ‘frequent’ inspection, with the ‘periodic’ normally done by a third party.

Beyond OSHA there are some other bodies that are relevant and really reflect the OSHA standard, albeit some in more detail, these are: 

  • ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers). They state a requirement for dated inspection records and talk about preventative maintenance too. Check out section 2-2.1 on page 18 by clicking here.
  • CMAA (Crane Manufactures Association of America)

Our customers tell us they use SG World USA's patented safety checklist solution before every shift. The of course do so for reasons around compliance, but also to mitigate insurance risk and of course preventive maintenance too. Those with a focus of safety culture, ultimately do a pre-shift crane inspection to protect their people too.

If you are considering how often to have your operators preform 'frequent' crane and hoist safety checklists, check out this article by Mazzella Lifting Technologies, Inc.

In Summary

There are two types of Overhead and Gantry Crane inspection that are required. Those are 'periodic' and 'frequent'. If you have a third party come by periodically to inspect your cranes, and you don't have your operators perform frequent inspections, we hope this insight to the regulation helps you and SG World USA has the perfect solution to make it simple and easy to do for your people.


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