Contractor Control & Work Permits


An organization’s duty of care extends to everyone on site, including contractors. This is why it is important for a business to know which contractors are on site, what activities they are carrying out, if they have been given the necessary approval and if they are aware of the dangers in the area where they’ll be working.
This register and ID pass system centrally records visiting contractors and captures a signed declaration that any relevant safety & health information has been read and understood. It clearly identifies that the contractor has completed all of the relevant induction and safety documentation and that they have authorization to work.
The registration log provides an accurate record of time on site, the affected building area and the type of work being conducted. Some high risk activities may also require a Work Permit.

Contractors Authorization to work pass


SG World USA’s Contractor Authorization to Work can help your organization by...

• Helps compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Act 1970.
• All contractors are badged and identified as having authority to work.
• Contributes towards reduced accident rates through improved contractor control.
• Highlights high-risk activities and where a Work Permit should be completed.
• Customized to each customer’s requirements.
• May contribute to reduced insurance premiums.
• Creates an accurate emergency evacuation list.


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