We are Actually Having a Price DECREASE in ID Accessories - More Information on SG World USA's Price Review.

While we have experienced significant, and regular, increases in our costs that have led to some price increases of our own (read more about that here), we have had a price decreases too!


SG World USA, a young relative of SG World Ltd, is a growing business that recognizes there is much more than just our supply chain to help shape our propositions. In fact, we take our lead from the people in the end-user and distributor communities we serve. Therefore, our own approach, and supply chain with whom we partner, is molded to fit what you need at the best possible price - not the other way around.

So what have you, our customer and distribution partner taught us?


Making it easy to purchase our unique, patented and exciting safety solutions is at the forefront. We are talking solutions like our patented safety checklist solution and pocket safety books. Therefore in a wholistic price review, we have delivered the following:

  • Reduced the number of price breaks in some cases. For example, inspection books have gone form 25 price breaks to 12.
  • Changed some of the price breaks. For example orders for 25 and 75 inspection books now attract a unit cost change instead of the price break being at 30 and 80 books respectively.
  • The minimum order for custom inspections books is now [qty] 5 (no longer 10).
  • We have made sure the price of one stock book and book paddle kit is still around $20 ($20.85 to be exact). Great for those Eyewash and AED inspections.

Not Changing Prices 'Because you Can'

While they have been justified, some price increases in the marketplace have been crazy! Where we think we can maintain an existing price we have. A good example is in the custom versions of our Visitor & Contractor Management solutions.


This isn't just putting a logo on a form (although we do that!), but delivering economies of scale by building customer-led propositions. For example the tree service industry had a need for focussed versions of our solutions which we built and supply.

The Price Decrease

Similar to the above economies of scale principle, being part of a European market leader in SG World Ltd, has allowed us to limit increases and maintain our prices. In the case of ID accessories we have been able to reduce our prices for the US market by almost 10%.

If you have questions about SG World USA's price review, or would like to chat with us about anything else, feel free to contact us here.